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Positioning system for refrigerated compartments

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Positioning system for refrigerated compartments

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Refrigerated compartment positioning system: RFID tags mainly have the following advantages: RFID tags have large data storage capacity, can be reused, low cost of use, easy to operate, and can be read and written in a long distance within 30-100 meters; through RFID tags, you can Different temperatures of different packaging units in a container are monitored; RFID tags provide ID codes, and can record temperature data continuously, with accurate time records, easy responsibility delimitation, and information traceability, which can quickly grasp the most important aspects of freshness management. Temperature conditions during transportation, and promote the improvement of freshness management in the circulation process; RFID can also be extended to a cold chain inspection center platform established by enterprises or alliances covering the entire cold chain process; automatic notification in the unloading area to open the door and automatic registration ; Effectively manage the traffic of trucks, monitor the status of in and out in real time; shorten the waiting time and improve the efficiency of operation; optimize the traffic management of trucks, thereby speeding up the logistics process of JIS and JIT; reduce the loss of products, improve the safety in product transportation, improve the corporate earnings.

The refrigerated transportation vehicle positioning management system will provide an effective and beneficial successful example in assisting my country's logistics industry to break through the original monitoring technology bottleneck at this stage and establish an effective cold chain logistics management method.

The refrigerated transport vehicle positioning management system is an open positioning supervision platform integrating GPS/temperature detection technology, electronic map and wireless transmission technology. Realize the effective tracking and positioning management of refrigerated truck resources, and integrate the positioning information with the business resources of the enterprise. The refrigerated vehicle positioning management system not only provides an efficient and flexible management tool for refrigerated enterprises and field personnel, but also creates a new and efficient scientific model for managing and controlling refrigerated vehicle resources for refrigerated enterprises. This product is suitable for collection, transmission, recording and over-limit alarm of temperature data in refrigerated compartments. It is an ideal tool for temperature monitoring of transportation compartments/cargoes in the refrigeration industry.

In this regard, according to the specific needs of enterprises, "RFID cold chain temperature management system" and "GPS + temperature monitoring cold chain management system" have been developed. Through the organic combination of advanced RFID technology, GPS technology, wireless communication technology and temperature sensing technology, the temperature change is recorded in the logistics management and production process management of fresh food and medicine that require proper temperature management to ensure quality. The "RFID tag with temperature sensor" or "real-time" is uploaded to the enterprise's management platform through "the terminal with GPS and temperature sensing function combined with wireless communication technology", and the freshness and quality of the product are carefully and real-timely carried out. land management. The quality monitoring problem in the food distribution process can be solved simply and easily.

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Company address: 3 kilometers east of Xiongyue Station, G15 Xiongyue Station, Shenhai Expressway, Liaoning (Xiong Yue Industrial Park)

Contact number: +86-0417-7019666


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