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Development stage of refrigerated carriage

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Development stage of refrigerated carriage

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Development stage of refrigerated carriages: refrigerated carriages are closed-type vans used to transport frozen or fresh-keeping goods. Vehicle), dairy products (dairy transporter), vegetables and fruits (fresh goods transporter), vaccine drugs (vaccine transporter), etc.

(thermal conductivity) is low, and the thermal insulation effect is good. Unsaturated polyester resin is used as a binder, and a cushion is added. The thermal insulation material is made of rigid polyurethane foam, which has low thermal conductivity and high strength. Plates are bonded with high-strength, high-sealing adhesives to form a whole. The only drawback is that the loss of polyurethane after cutting is relatively large, so the material cost is high. Especially in the current situation of serious rise in the price of chemical raw materials, the production cost of carriages is getting higher and higher. This structure of refrigerated trucks dominates the domestic and foreign markets, and is also the process used by my country's refrigerated truck manufacturers.

The container of the refrigerated truck needs to ensure strict sealing to reduce the heat exchange with the outside world, so as to ensure that the temperature in the refrigerated container is kept low.

Refrigeration The installed refrigeration equipment is connected to the container and provides continuous refrigeration to ensure that the temperature of the container is within the allowable range of the cargo.

Portability Generally, the goods transported by refrigerated trucks are items that cannot be stored for a long time. Although there are refrigeration equipment, they still need to be delivered to the destination faster.

Thermal Insulation The container of a refrigerated truck is similar to a container, but made of materials with better thermal insulation, reducing heat exchange.

The overall injection of foam metal skin structure. The first generation of refrigerated truck manufacturers adopted this process. This product has a lot of gold on the car body

The existence of refrigerated trucks is a kind of material, which is easy to form a large number of cold bridges; on the other hand, the defects injected into the foam insulation layer are not easy to find, and the internal quality is not easy to ensure; It is easy to produce defects such as weak bonding, unsatisfactory thermal insulation effect, and high heat leakage rate (thermal coefficient of conduction in the second stage).

The whole is injected into the foamed glass fiber reinforced plastic structure. It is used in both the second and third generation refrigerated truck manufacturers. This product is an improvement on the basis of the first-stage product, with light weight, reduced heat leakage rate (thermal conductivity), and better thermal insulation effect, but there are defects such as weak bonding and easy foaming of the outer skin of the car.

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Company address: 3 kilometers east of Xiongyue Station, G15 Xiongyue Station, Shenhai Expressway, Liaoning (Xiong Yue Industrial Park)

Contact number: +86-0417-7019666


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