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Increased market demand for refrigerated compartment manufacturers

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Increased market demand for refrigerated compartment manufacturers

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At present, our company's blasting equipment transport vehicles and refrigerated carriage manufacturers are very popular.

In 2015, affected by the global financial crisis, the entire special vehicle market will definitely have a certain impact, but this is also an opportunity, because special vehicles are mainly used to directly contribute to the development of economic construction, just like sprinkler Vehicles, garbage trucks, these are the vehicles used for watering and sanitation in every city. It is impossible to be less at any time. Such as oil tankers, oil trucks, oil tank trucks, oil trucks, etc., which are the lifeblood of national economic development, not to mention There may be few, such as engineering dump trucks, aerial work vehicles, etc., as long as the country is in economic construction, there will be needs. Now, the development of special vehicles is mainly analyzed from three major aspects.

1. The current situation of the development of my country's wing-opening van market

Special purpose vehicles are closely related to the development of the national economy. Unlike cars, which are mainly used for private consumption, they directly participate in national economic construction. Whether they are used for transportation or construction operations, they all play a role in promoting the development of economic construction. At the same time, the development of economic construction will also drive the development of special-purpose vehicles and provide a broad market for special-purpose vehicles. Especially in recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, the rapid development of infrastructure construction and the rapid development of my country's automobile industry, my country's The special-purpose vehicle market has also developed rapidly, showing a prosperous scene, which has made important contributions to meeting various domestic needs and promoting the development of the national economy. So, what is the prospect of my country's special vehicle market? This article intends to start with the current situation of my country's special-purpose vehicle market, and analyze the existing problems, development prospects and problems that should be paid attention to in the healthy development of the special-purpose vehicle market in China. 2. Problems that should be paid attention to in the healthy development of my country's special vehicle market

1. The application of high-tech in wing-opening vans

In recent years, the market has higher and higher requirements for the technical content and added value of special-purpose vehicle products. Some high-techs have begun to be widely used in special-purpose vehicles, and some special-purpose vehicle chassis that can meet special functional requirements have been developed. Whether it is hydraulic lifting device, discharge and unloading device, measuring and measuring device, mechanical operation device, or refrigeration and heat preservation device, safety protection device, automatic control device, operation monitoring device; whether it is various cylinders, pumps, valves, instruments, etc. The assembly, as well as various body structures such as boxes and tanks, have been widely used in special vehicles, to a certain extent, to meet the diversified needs of users for special vehicle products under the new situation. However, there is a big gap between my country's special vehicles and foreign advanced countries in terms of chassis, engine, assembly and production technology. After joining the WTO, in order to compete with foreign automobile manufacturers, it is necessary to speed up the introduction of technology or the import of key components and assemblies, as well as to accelerate the strength of independent research and development, and to rapidly develop high-level special vehicles to meet the urgent needs of users; , some foreign special vehicles will rush to my country, and Chinese users will go abroad to order, then it will be the sadness of my country's special vehicle industry.

2. The problem of forming a cooperative relationship between special vehicle manufacturers and OEMs

The wing-open van market is widely used in various fields of the national economy, such as road transportation, engineering construction, oil fields, mining, electric power, telecommunications, postal services, finance, medical care, sanitation, agriculture, water conservancy, aviation, aerospace, food, public security, Fire protection, judicial and national defense construction, etc., all walks of life need special vehicles that are suitable for the characteristics of the bank and meet the special functions of the industry. Especially in the past two years, the state has proposed to increase investment in infrastructure construction, and the production and sales of dump trucks and special vehicles for engineering construction have gradually increased, forming an extraordinary development. At the same time, the country's expansion of domestic demand in recent years has accelerated the circulation of materials, and the transportation of goods has prompted the rapid heating of the van transportation market. 3. The positioning of the special vehicle market

The primary problem that needs to be solved in the wing-opening van market is the positioning problem, that is, it is necessary to work hard on "specialization". At present, some domestic modified car factories are positioned in the automobile industry, and they are allied with the automobile industry, causing confusion in the special-purpose vehicle market. To change this situation, we must do a good job in the positioning of special vehicles. The development direction of special vehicles should be towards specialization and specialization, that is, according to the special requirements of users, the production of special vehicles including lifting vehicles and ladders , container transport vehicles, etc., to produce some vehicles with new structures, relatively high prices, and relatively special uses, with many varieties and small batches. At the same time, in the reorganization of the special-purpose vehicle industry in the future, every special-purpose vehicle factory has to study the special purpose of the products, instead of sticking to the development of the current models with relatively large batches and relatively few varieties, but according to the characteristics of the special-purpose vehicle market, the development of small output , a variety of models. This is the development trend of my country's special vehicle industry. 3. Analysis of factors restricting the development of my country's special vehicle industry

1. The industry scale is too small

In general, my country's modified car companies have achieved remarkable market achievements in recent years. However, the small scale of the enterprise and the weak technical force are still common problems in the modified car enterprises. Enterprises can only enhance their competitiveness by continuously expanding their economic strength, better introducing, digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and advanced management experience, and improving the technical content of products and the management level of the enterprise. According to relevant data, there are currently more than 500 special-purpose vehicle manufacturers listed in my country's "Announcement", with more than 1,550 types of special-purpose vehicles. The proportion of special vehicles in commercial vehicles is 18% - 25%. Relative to the entire automotive industry, the market share of special-purpose vehicles is small, and most companies have small production scales. Most of the small and medium-sized factories that refit and produce purchased chassis have a low degree of mechanization, many manual workshops, and the product quality is uneven. The output is small, it is difficult to achieve economic scale, and the economic benefits of enterprises are difficult to highlight. Due to the protection of local or industry, individual models of individual enterprises have achieved certain development, such as fire trucks, medical vehicles, oil field vehicles, etc. There is still some resistance to some powerful private enterprises and foreign system companies entering certain special vehicle fields, which is not conducive to market competition, technological progress, improvement of product quality and cost reduction.

2. Unbalanced product structure and uneven development

At present, there are few varieties of wing-opening vans in China, and the proportions of heavy, medium, light, high, medium, general, special, and new are seriously out of balance. Most enterprises can only produce medium-sized ordinary special vehicles and other types of special vehicles. Still less and functionally simple. There are not enough domestic special vehicles with high technology content, high added value and high reliability. Despite the high price of imported vehicles (including tops) and accessories, they still have to maintain for a long time. Domestic special-purpose vehicle companies generally lack advanced production equipment and technology, and more importantly, lack advanced management methods, which greatly restricts Under the development of my country's special vehicles.

3. Key components cannot be produced independently

Up to now, the chassis of domestic wing-opening vans is still very scarce. Most of the special-purpose vehicles produced in my country still use the chassis of ordinary cargo (passenger) vehicles such as Dongfeng, Jiefang, Steyr, and Iveco, and are refitted with minor changes such as adjusting the wheelbase. Most of the special vehicles produced are still basically labor-intensive ordinary special vehicles with low technical content and low price, such as low-tonnage dump trucks, semi-trailer tractors, tank trucks, postal vehicles, etc. Even though the relatively advanced Steyr series automobile chassis produced by domestic manufacturers is very backward in technology in the world, it is in a very passive position in the international competition. 4. Technical level lags behind

At present, the domestic production of wing-opening vans is still basically at the imitation stage (mainly referring to the tops), and the same phenomenon of development and design is very common. Another common phenomenon is that if there is a large market demand for a type of special-purpose vehicle for a period of time, many manufacturers will organize production in a swarm, and even some small refit factories will “follow the gourd painting” under the cover of local protectionism. These special vehicles of varying quality and performance will soon destroy the "rules of the game" in the special vehicle market, causing huge losses to regular manufacturers and a serious blow to the enthusiasm of regular manufacturers for technology development.

In short, the special-purpose vehicle market is constantly developing, and so is the global economy. As long as we seize the opportunity and use our ingenuity, we will surely achieve greater achievements.

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Company address: 3 kilometers east of Xiongyue Station, G15 Xiongyue Station, Shenhai Expressway, Liaoning (Xiong Yue Industrial Park)

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